Study shows chocolate enhances weight loss

New research suggests that one of your favorite treats might actually help boost your weight loss efforts. That’s right, chocolate can actually help you slim down!

The main ingredient in chocolate is cacao powder. Cacao is rich in theobromine, a seldom-acknowledged compound with amazing benefits. Theobromine boosts your mood, staves off hunger and helps keep you from feeling fatigued, all while helping you lose the pounds.

Researchers from the Netherlands found that the consumption of theobromine also combatted the mental fogginess that often accompanies dieting, in addition to improving your mood, brainpower, and blood pressure.

The study also found that participants who ate dark chocolate experienced less hunger and had fewer food cravings than those who had milk chocolate. Milk chocolate has less theobromine than dark chocolate and has more sugar, which may trigger further hunger and craving.

Adding some organic dark chocolate to your diet every day might be the kind of indulgence you need to aid your weight loss efforts. The higher the cacao percentage, the better!


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